New WordPress Websites

Simply put, I create [awesome] awesome [/awesome] websites.

I provide a completely bespoke service for new websites. I specialise in using WordPress as a content management system and, along with whomever I choose to bring on board for a project (see The Team page for more information), we listen to your requirements and deliver a website that not only looks great but performs as you need it.

Working with you – The Process

The stages of any project differ depending on what work is required. This page is to give you an idea of what to expect if you chose to work with me, not an exact outline my processes.

As I explained on the page “the team“, I consider you (the client) to be an important part of the team. I work closely with you throughout each stage and regularly invite feedback so that I can ensure that what I deliver is exactly what is needed.

Stage 1 – The initial meeting

The first stage of any project is always an initial meeting with you. This can be done over the phone or Skype if needed, but meetings in person over coffee are much preferred!

During this meeting we (depending who else I choose to work with on a project, they will often attend meetings with me so that you have an opportunity to meet everyone involved) spend time finding out about your business, what the ultimate goal of your website will be and how that would fit in within your marketing strategy. We also take a look at who your main competitors are and what you like / dislike about other websites.

Stage 2 – Content and wire-framing

Once work begins on your new website, the first thing we do is plan out all of the pages that will be needed and what features should be on each. From there we can tell what content will be needed.  Many people consider writing content to be the last thing to look at when designing a new site. I think it’s THE most important stage and has to be considered at the outset.

Stage 3 – Design

Once the wireframes have been created and the content required has been planned, the design process can begin. The exact nature of this process varies greatly and depends entirely on the requirements of the project. In some cases designs are supplied as flat graphics, other times the designs will be produced in the browser.

Stage 4 – Development

At this stage, everyone should know exactly what pages will be included within the website, how they will work, what content will be included and how they will look. I can then go away and build it!

Stage 5 – Training

Depending on the size of the website, training on how to use WordPress is given either at the agreed stage of the project so that you can populate large areas (i.e. online shops), or after the site has gone live.

Stage 6 – Enjoy life

Now that your website is up and running, you can go out and live a full and happy life knowing that your corner of the interwebz is totally covered.

So go, be free! Skip through fields full of daisies or whatever you do when you’re not focused on getting a new website.  Enjoy everything that comes with having the piece of mind that your website will still be awesome when you get back! ~ grin!

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