Improving Websites & WordPress Consultancy

Do you already have a WordPress website?

If the answer is yes, does it work as well as you expected it to? Maybe it takes a long time to load, or it is not mobile friendly, or you’re unsure about how secure it is, or maybe you think it is too complicated for visitors to use.

Whatever the reason get in touch and let me take a look for you.

For only £150 you would get a full evaluation of your website including:

  • Page loading time checks.
  • Checks for stress to your server and database.
  • The types of plugins you have installed and whether any are known to be unreliable.
  • How secure your website is.
  • What SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy you have.
  • What back up plan you have in case the worst happens.
  • And more…

You would then receive recommendations on how to improve your website, in order of priority, including costs and the [awesome]first hour of work completely free[/awesome] if you decided to go ahead!

Think of it like a health check. Your website always needs fine tuning and small improvements to keep it in tip top shape. Technology doesn’t stand still for a second so why should your website?

If you have a WordPress website but you don’t think it works as well as it should, why not get in touch and let me take a look?


General Consultancy

From time to time I’m also asked to consult on existing websites, help update content if the original developer isn’t available or help agencies who don’t have anyone with the relevant technical knowledge in house. This is done on an adhoc basis and charged for at an hourly rate.


Below are just a few past and present clients I have worked with improving their website or providing general consultancy as and when its needed.



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