Display only one price for grouped products – WooCommerce

This is a handy little function to control what price is displayed for a range of products that have been grouped in WooCommerce. Often the grouped products all have different prices and by default WooCommerce will display a range such as £50 - 1000. Which is not ideal. This function allows you to display the maximum price.... Continue Reading →

Extending Quick View to show on thumbnail click – WooCommerce

Quick View allows you to add the ability to click on a product in your WooCommerce shop and display some basic details about that product in light box without the need to load a new page. Amazon does something similar as does some of the other bigger online retailers. Out of the box this plugin gives... Continue Reading →

New Website Launched!

I have been running my own business for 9 months now and during that time I've worked on some fantastic projects. The whole experience has been a like a dream come true for me and its about time my website reflected this! The new website is built using WordPress and utilizes all of the available... Continue Reading →

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