Shropgeek Rebellion #6 Featuring… ME! (and other more awesome people)

I rarely step up to actually speak at Shropgeek events, simply because there are always so many awesome people I could ask, why should I fill a spot?

But, I’m also always trying to encourage people to use these events as a “safe space”, perfect for anyone new to public speaking or wanting a practice run of their talk in front of a friendly audience.

So, with A Responsive Day Out only a month after, I thought it was time I put my money where my mouth is and do a practice run of the talk I’m preparing for that. This will be the first run through so likely to be very rough around the edges but I would really appreciate feedback on it.

As well as me, there will also be the VERY [awesome]awesome[/awesome] Ashley Nolan and Tim Millwood providing 30 minute talks and Shropgeek Regulars, Pete White and Rob May doing 5 minute lightning talks. It is set to be a most excellent evening!

Full details can be found on the Shropgeek website. Hopefully see you all there! 🙂

Announcing the Rebellion !!

Each event is a chance for people to do a “show and tell” about the work they do, projects they are involved with, or to discuss a topic they are passionate about.

And for everyone else, it is an opportunity to meet or catch up with people, and (hopefully) learn something new in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

The first Rebellion – February 21st 2013.

The first Rebellion will be held at The Alb ( Doors open at 6.30pm, with the first speaker starting at 7pm. All presentations will be wrapped up by 9.30pm but please do hang around afterwards and take the opportunity to enjoy a beer and socialise with other attendees.

If you would like food during the evening, The Alb has a menu and you are welcome to order at any time throughout the evening.


We are excited to annouce that both of the talks provided for our launch event are from Shropgeek regulars.

Project WIP – Shropshire Council Web Team. 

You may have noticed that things have been changing on over the last 6 months or so. The Project WIP Team are going to tell us what they have been up to, the results they’ve seen and how you can get involved to help make the best it can be!

Twitter: @ProjectWIP  Website:

Rob May – Photographer, Film Editor, Book Publisher

Title: Colour: How The World Lies To You.
Rob will be looking at the oddities of colour, how it affects everything from our memories to how we perceive the world around us.

Twitter: @RobWMay  Website:

The Alb, 14 Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury, SY1 1PB

The Alb, 14 Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury, SY1 1PB

Shropgeek’s Den

As well as some highly anticipated talks, we are also doing something rather special at our launch event specifically aimed at the voluntary sector in Shropshire.

On March 6th Shropgeek will be holding a hackday at a Digital Conference in Shropshire, organised by the Shropshire Infrastucture Partnership. In preperation for that Hackday we are inviting individuals and organisations working within the voluntary sector in Shropshire to come along to Rebellion and put a pitch forward for something we could build for them. Similar to Dragon’s Den but without the piles of money next to each of us!

The select panel of Shropgeek regulars will then choose the idea they consider to be the best, and it will be built during the hackday and handed over at the end of the conference to the selected organisation.

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