#dudeneedsaname competition winner

Why I needed a name…

let us be awesome robot

Original robot created for RDO2

“Robot Dude” was originally created for use in some of my slides for a talk I was giving at A Responsive Day Out 2 conference in Brighton (which you can read about here). I wanted a call to action to end the presentation that was fun and also have a message, to encourage everyone to be [awesome]awesome[/awesome].

Having worked with Stina Jones on numerous projects before, and also being a big fan of the characters she creates, I knew she would be the right person to approach for this.

And so, the temporarily named “Robot Dude” was born. Hurrah!

For “The Business of Web Design” I needed “Robot Dude” to have an alter ego, to represent the feeling of invincibility and that nothing was impossible. It seemed an obvious choice to give him a super hero persona (full write up on TBO Web Design to follow).

But “Robot Dude” needed a proper name and although I had received a lot of great suggestions already, I still couldn’t choose. So I decided to offer an incentive especially for those people attending The Business of Web Design, and that was two tickets to (R)Evolution for the best suggestion.


Robots demonstrating trust slide from RDO2 talk

On to the winning name…

There were some [awesome]awesome[/awesome] suggestions, which made it a really really tough decision. But I have now chosen, and the winning name is…

The reasoning…

I like this one because of the potential future uses. Original Robot will be called “Bolt” and the alter ego will be “BoltON”.

Bolt and BoltON

As I do more public speaking (it turns out I actually really enjoy it) I can imagine creating more personas for “Bolt”, and I can think of lots of ways to adapt this name to keep a link between them all.

So congratulations to Alex Ward! You get two tickets for this years (R)Evolution! 🙂

If you would like to see all of the suggestions, I have compiled them into a Storify here: https://storify.com/KirstyBurgoine/dudeneedsaname-suggestions. And a special gold star goes to @devolute for effort! ~ grin!