HeroThemes Tutorial: What you need to know about the new WordPress REST API

The launch of the REST API for WordPress was big news this year, as it gets rolled into core from version 4.4. and onwards it is important to understand what this means for plugin and theme developers. Exciting stuff! šŸ™‚ In this article I explain why this development is huge for WordPress, provide a primer... Continue Reading →


HeroThemes Tutorial: Restricting Access to WordPress Pages & Creating a Members Area

This article for HeroThemes is again a continuation of the previous two "HeroThemes Tutorial: Using the KnowledgeBase templating system & theme integration" and "HeroThemes Tutorial: Integrating Heroic Knowledge Base with WooCommerce". This time adding more value by creating private content as well. Something that is especially useful if you want to provide premium content only... Continue Reading →

Remove columns from the WordPress Admin posts screen

When building WordPress websites something that I'm asked more and more frequently is whether its possible to hide or remove columns from the posts, pagesĀ andĀ custom posts admin screens. The most common requests are to remove the comments column because that particular site doesn't have comments, or if there is only one author for the website... Continue Reading →


HeroThemes Tutorial: Integrating Heroic Knowledge Base with WooCommerce

Introducing my next article for HeroThemes. This article has taken what was covered in the first article and moved forward to take a look at how the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin could be integrated with WooCommerce to create Frequently Asked Questions for each product. Something that's always useful! šŸ™‚ Although the subject is about integrating... Continue Reading →


WordCamp London 2016

With all the buzz around the release of the REST API with WordPress version 4.4, I thought Iā€™d talk about something completely different. Cos you know, I donā€™t like to follow trendsā€¦ šŸ˜‰ My talk, this year, will cover the new support for responsive images that has also been implemented in version 4.4. How srcset... Continue Reading →


HeroThemes Tutorial: Using the KnowledgeBase templating system & theme integration

I'm really pleased to be able to share with you my first tutorial for HeroThemes on how to customise their Knowledge Base plugin and deep theme integration.Ā The article is aimed at theme developers with a knowledge of PHP and covers how to use the templating system to allow the plugin to integrate seamlessly with your... Continue Reading →


Regular Sponsor of WordPress Birmingham Meetup

As many of you know, I'm a huge supporter of grass roots events, especially within the web and tech industries. Not only do I attend regularly, but I've also organised a fair few conferences and meetups in Shropshire over the years myself (see ShropGeek for more about whats going on in Shropshire). So I'm really... Continue Reading →


Display only one price for grouped products – WooCommerce

This is a handy little function to control what price is displayed for a range of products that have beenĀ groupedĀ in WooCommerce. Often the grouped products all have different prices and by default WooCommerce will display a range such as Ā£50 - 1000. Which is not ideal. This function allows you to display the maximum price.... Continue Reading →


Extending Quick View to show on thumbnail click – WooCommerce

Quick View allows you to add the ability to click on a product in your WooCommerce shop and displayĀ some basic details about that product in light box without the need to load a new page. Amazon does something similar as does some of the other bigger online retailers. Out of the box this plugin gives... Continue Reading →


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