Setting up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with WordPress (part 1)

Content Delivery Networks or Content Distribution Networks (CDN) can have a huge impact on the speed and performance of your website. They can take some of the strain away from your own website hosting because they serve files from a network of servers instead of yours. This can be especially useful for large website with lots of... Continue Reading →

Responsive Video WordPress Plugin Released

Features Include: The ability to add video directly in to a page, post or any of your own custom post types using the video URL (not the embed code) and a Short code. Fully responsive so will fill the width of the containing area and scale depending on screen size. No need to set a... Continue Reading →

Socialize This WordPress Plugin Released

[portfolio] [/portfolio] You may or may not have noticed the icons to share this page with social networking communities ... Well, I’m extremely pleased to say that the icons used were designed by me and have been included in a fantastic WordPress plugin called Socialize This! Created by Mike Rogers, a fellow twitterer (you can find... Continue Reading →

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