Remove columns from the WordPress Admin posts screen

When building WordPress websites something that I'm asked more and more frequently is whether its possible to hide or remove columns from the posts, pages and custom posts admin screens. The most common requests are to remove the comments column because that particular site doesn't have comments, or if there is only one author for the website... Continue Reading →


HeroThemes Tutorial: Integrating Heroic Knowledge Base with WooCommerce

Introducing my next article for HeroThemes. This article has taken what was covered in the first article and moved forward to take a look at how the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin could be integrated with WooCommerce to create Frequently Asked Questions for each product. Something that's always useful! 🙂 Although the subject is about integrating... Continue Reading →

Socialize This WordPress Plugin Released

[portfolio] [/portfolio] You may or may not have noticed the icons to share this page with social networking communities ... Well, I’m extremely pleased to say that the icons used were designed by me and have been included in a fantastic WordPress plugin called Socialize This! Created by Mike Rogers, a fellow twitterer (you can find... Continue Reading →

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