Shropgeek Rebellion #4 – The (almost) Christmas party

Rebellion #4 – The (almost) christmas party.

Held quarterly, Rebellion is an evening of talks from people working within the web / digital / creative industries. To celebrate it being (almost) Christmas, Shropgeek has invited some of the digital industries most creative and forward thinking individuals to the county. The evening is set to be the biggest Rebellion event to date.

Held at The Alb, in Shrewsbury, on November 21st 2013, Rebellion promises to be a fantastic opportunity to network with others working within the digital / creative industries in Shropshire and further afield and also hear three inspiring talks from people who are the very best within their specialist fields.

The talks on the night will cover a wide range of topics including: “How to stand out in a crowded market place”, “How to improve the speed of your website” and “Top tips on how to improve website typography”. The awesome speakers providing these talks are Steve Leighton, who runs Has Bean Coffee ( ) an extremely successful on and off line business selling specialty coffees. Harry Roberts ( ), a very talented front end web developer whose previous experience includes working for BSkyB and Ben Everard ( ), an extremeley talented back end developer, renowned for improving usability and improving the speed of websites.

Kirsty Burgoine, one of the organisers of Shropgeek said:

“We’ve invited some of the people I admire most from within the digital industry to come along and share ideas and experiences with us. I am extremely excited to have them come to Shrewsbury because I have admired their work for a long time.

The speakers and range of topics were specifically chosen to interest anyone within the digital industry no matter their skillset. From web developer / design to internet marketer / content strategist, there is something to interest everyone and not everyone needs to know how to code to take something away from the evening.

There will be an opportunity to network with others working in similar industries, learn and be inspired by the speakers, enjoy the odd drink, socialise and get into the Christmas spirit a little bit early. What more could you want from an event! ~ grin!”

Shropshire has a huge digital / creative industry and very few events in the county that directly cater to them. By combining an evening of talks from some of the most innovative thinkers and doers with an (almost) christmas party and also sponsored by some of the industries true heavy weights, including Github, Campaign Monitor, and Shropshire’s own Zengenti, Shropgeek hopes to create a truly fantastic event!

Tickets are only £10 per person (any money left over after costs are covered will be donated to a bar tab for attendees) and with less than a week to go, they are extremely limited so book now to make sure you don’t miss out. For full details of the event and to book tickets visit the website at:

Starting a (R)EVOLUTION

Along the way there were some harsh lessons learnt and I couldn’t have done this at all without the help of PeteZach and also quite a few of the Shropgeek regulars.

There are things I will definitely want to do differently next year, but now that the dust has settled I can look back and say…

“Wow! that was soooo awesome!” ~ grin!

Every conference is only as good as its speakers though. After all, content is king. I don’t want to turn this into a gushing “oscars-like” thank you post, but I do really want to say thank you again to Chris, Dafydd, Rob, Laura, James, Snook, Joel and Elliot for coming along and inspiring us all.

Organising this conference put me in a very privileged position. I was the one that got to choose who the speakers would be. I asked, expected each of them to say no, was really excited when they all said yes and then got to watch the hype grow as the lineup was announced.

It was a bit like being a kid in sweet shop, everyone I approached to be in the lineup was either someone whose work I have always admired, I have always wanted to see speak or I have seen before and really wanted to see again. And, as the excitement around the conference grew, we all realised that we were doing something really very special and unique for Shropshire.

Laura Kalbag delivering her talk

Laura Kalbag delivering her talk

Each of the speakers did an absolutely fantastic job on the day. They delivered informative and often funny presentations about a diverse range of topics. They were also the ultimate professionals when it came to their timings (something that often isn’t thought about until things run over schedule).

The feedback since has been utterly amazing. Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed each of the talks as much as I did.

I think what I am most chuffed about though is the comments about how friendly the conference was and the welcoming, community vibe the whole day had. That is in no part down to me.

That is what Shropgeek is. It is a community of geeky people in Shropshire. Many of them were helping on the day and many more were in attendance. The fact that so many people who had travelled to Shrewsbury picked up on that is so many kinds of awesome.

Adam, Jamie and Zach - all Involved in Shropgeek from early on

Adam, Jamie and Zach – all an active part of the Shropgeek community

And then of course, there was the after party… I don’t think I need to say too much about that, I think this tweet sums up how much fun everyone had:

and cemented Shropgeek’s place in the conference after party “hall of fame” (I really hope this actually exists).

And if you don’t want to take my word for it here are some of blog posts, radio coverage and podcasts about the conference that I am aware of.

Overall, the whole (R)Evolution experience was so much fun, and one we definitely plan to do again next year!

Thank you again to everybody that helped in some way to make this such a huge success. 🙂

Zach, myself and Pete - The organisers of this years conference

Zach, myself and Pete – The organisers of this years conference

The (R)Evolution is coming…

For the last three years, around this time I have written, “I’m excited to announce …” and this year is no exception. Yet this year is different in a big way. As I hinted at above, (R)Evolution has evolved.

We’ve stepped things up a gear. The conference is now a full day, features some of the most well respected speakers in the web industry from all over the world, held at a purpose built venue in Shrewsbury, including fringe events before and after the conference, and over 200 attendees. Making Shrewsbury *the* place to be this September if you work within the web industry.

So, I’m sure you can understand that when I say I’m *super* excited to announce this years conference, I mean I am *SUPER* excited about it!

We have launched the new website today, where you can find full details about the conference, plus all of the fringe events and our sponsorship opportunities:

Early bird tickets will be going on general sale on Thursday, April 25th at 10am.

A huge thank you must go to Martin Wright for designing this years website. Also thank you to Stina Jones for the amazing illustration of Shrewsbury and Neil Kinnish for the map on the location page.

So who’s coming? It’s going to be [awesome]awesome[/awesome] ~ grin!

Shropgeek Revolution 2013

Awesome issue of .Net Magazine for Kirsty Burgoine Ltd. and Shropgeek

Most people that know me or have read some of the guest blogs I have written in the past know that I’m a huge advocate of grass roots events.

So I was extremely flattered to see that Heart Internet had mentioned me in their article about that very subject (pg 135) as someone heavily involved in grass roots events both speaking and promoting / organising them. Not only did they name drop me though, they also mentioned both Shropgeek and our yearly (R)Evolution conference.

martin-netI’d like to say a huge thank you to Heart Internet for including both myself and Shropgeek so heavily in their article. It means a tremendous amount to know that the hard work and effort that goes into organising and promoting these events is recognised and helps us to spread the word further!

Heart Internet were not the only ones to mention the (R)Evolution conference though, Martin Wright, a Shropgeek regular once upon a time (before he got a cool job in Oxford) and designer of this years conference website (launching very soon) was included in this months website “design off” (pg 117). When asked what he does with his spare time he told everyone about the new website in progress! Thanks Martin!