Introducing (R)Evolution 2015!

Details of (R)Evolution 2015 so far have officially been revealed here: Woohoo!  ~ grin! As many of you know, we will be taking a break from organising (R)Evolution in 2016, so this year we are pulling out all of the stops. And honestly, I couldn’t be more excited about this year’s event (I know... Continue Reading →

Shropgeek Rebellion #6 Featuring… ME! (and other more awesome people)

I rarely step up to actually speak at Shropgeek events, simply because there are always so many awesome people I could ask, why should I fill a spot? But, I'm also always trying to encourage people to use these events as a "safe space", perfect for anyone new to public speaking or wanting a practice... Continue Reading →

Introducing the 2014 (R)Evolution

If you have been following me or Shropgeek over the last year, there is no way you could have missed the fact that we held our first ever full day web conference, right here in the picturesque town of Shrewsbury, on September 26th 2013. There is also no way you could have missed that it... Continue Reading →

net awards 2014 Nomination

It is [awesome]awesome[/awesome] to be nominated but of course it would be even more amazing to win! So please help us to make it happen! The ceremony is taking place on 9 May 2014 in London and the voting closes on 24 March 2014. So please do get voting by visiting the net awards website:... Continue Reading →

Starting a (R)EVOLUTION

Along the way there were some harsh lessons learnt and I couldn’t have done this at all without the help of Pete, Zach and also quite a few of the Shropgeek regulars. There are things I will definitely want to do differently next year, but now that the dust has settled I can look back and say... “Wow!... Continue Reading →

The (R)Evolution is coming…

For the last three years, around this time I have written, "I'm excited to announce ..." and this year is no exception. Yet this year is different in a big way. As I hinted at above, (R)Evolution has evolved. We've stepped things up a gear. The conference is now a full day, features some of... Continue Reading →

Announcing the Rebellion !!

Each event is a chance for people to do a "show and tell" about the work they do, projects they are involved with, or to discuss a topic they are passionate about. And for everyone else, it is an opportunity to meet or catch up with people, and (hopefully) learn something new in a relaxed... Continue Reading →

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