Out with the old, in with the new! New look for Kirsty Burgoine Ltd.

It's been two years since I last said ... "you may have noticed a few things have changed around here ...".  Why has it taken two years? Simple answer. I've been really, very busy! Which is awesome! But also, I wanted to put some real thought into exactly what I wanted my "corporate identity" to... Continue Reading →

Moving day!

The Designated Space is the name of our new office space in Shrewsbury. Shared with Hollie Whittles from Fraggleworks, and Jan Minihane from The Net Advantage, it is a joyous place where cups of tea and coffee are drunk, biscuits are dunked and lots of work gets done! The name came from the legal jargon... Continue Reading →

Find me at the 1st Shropshire E-commerce Expo

As a business working within the web industry, I am very excited to announce that I will be exhibiting at the expo with Nicola Brown from In The Shed. In The Shed, is a graphic design studio based in Shrewsbury, designing all the visual elements of a brand identity; including logos, leaflets, brochures, packaging, exhibition, marketing materials and... Continue Reading →

New Website Launched!

I have been running my own business for 9 months now and during that time I've worked on some fantastic projects. The whole experience has been a like a dream come true for me and its about time my website reflected this! The new website is built using WordPress and utilizes all of the available... Continue Reading →

Imagine Shropshire is Launched!

November 1st saw the launch of an exciting new website for Shrophire ... Imagine Shropshire Imagine Shropshire is a community driven website for Shropshire. Run by me with a lot of help. It is a 'grass roots' project showcasing all those hidden gems Shropshire has to offer. The new site will feature news and events... Continue Reading →

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