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This website is not about me …

This is me ~ grin!
This is me ~ grin!

Claiming that this website is not about me may seem an odd statement to start the page with but, it really isn’t. I run a small web design and development studio based in Shropshire that happens to also be called Kirsty Burgoine (coincidence? ~ grin!).

This is about Kirsty Burgoine the limited company, the work that is created, who I work with and how I work. You won’t find out who my favourite band is here, or who I voted for on Strictly Come Dancing. However, if you tweet me at @kirstyburgoine I may tell you those things…

About Kirsty Burgoine (the limited company).

Although officially, the company name is registered as “Kirsty Burgoine Ltd.”, I’m not a formal type of person, so quickly chose to drop that from the brand.

As the Managing Director, Creative Director (and I also like to award myself “Employee of the Month” EVERY month), I am the person you would be working with. I design and build responsive websites that suit your brand, fit within your marketing strategy and work across all devices from mobile phones and tablets through to laptops and desktop computers.

With a background as a PHP developer who regularly worked on large scale, bespoke, e-commerce systems, I now choose to specialise in using an open source content management system called WordPress, giving you greater control and flexibility over your website once it has gone live.

Kirsty Burgoine Ltd. is not just one person though. As well as me, I have an amazing network of people that I can call upon to ensure I can provide a complete service at the highest standard and at a competitive price.  For more details about who I work with see “the team” and for how I work see “creating new websites” page.


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