let us be awesome robotHi!

I am a WordPress / frontend developer living and working in Shropshire. I am self-taught and have been in the “biz” for over ten years now. I have worked with a variety of technologies and platforms over the years, including Magento 1 & 2, static site technologies such as Jekyll and Liquid Templates.

I have spent most of my career specialising in WordPress design and development and now have a keen interest in accessibility and front end performance.

I’m a big supporter of the web community as a whole, I believe that by contributing to the community we are encouraging each other to be AWESOME together. Which makes the web better!

I show my support by regularly attending meetups and conferences on a variety of web topics. I’m also co-founder and actively involved in ShropGeek, a local tech community in Shropshire. Since it’s inception ShropGeek has become so much more than just a meetup. We organised three full-day web conferences as well as a number of smaller evening events. Some photos of events can be found here.

I am heavily involved with the WordPress Birmingham community, I attend the meetups regularly and I helped to organise WordCamp Birmingham back in 2015, also giving a talk and running a workshop.

I also write about web design from time to time, I’ve been published in Net Mag (@netmag), written about WordPress for Hero Themes and Magento and Grid CSS on the Fisheye Blog. I find writing an exceptional way to learn my subject matter well.

The organising team for WordCamp Birmingham 2015 including me. Photo by Drew Kirkland

The organising team for WordCamp Birmingham 2015 including me. Photo by Drew Kirkland

A brief history of work.

Here is the quick and dirty version of my work history, for full details visit my LinkedIn profile.

In 2000 I graduated from university with a BA Hons in Media Studies. Newly out of uni I landed a position as a marketing assistant. This was an extremely diverse role but most importantly, during this time I taught myself how to build websites. After that, there was no going back!

Between 2007 and 2010 I worked as a web developer for several of the more prominent design agencies in Shropshire at the time. My roles varied from art worker to front end developer and then PHP developer in either a full time / part-time or freelance capacity.

From 2010 to 2016 I ran my own business specialising in bespoke WordPress design and development.

During this time I worked with clients large and small in a number of different capacities from design & development to support and maintenance. These included Mike Bracken (Then head of GOV.UK, now Chief Digital Officer at The Co-operative Group), The Marches LEP, Skoll Scholarship (a part of Oxford University), YMCA Black Country Group, SignalSILC UKMyEChef, Olivine Life, Cycle Sprog and Polly’s Ice Cream Parlour, to name but a few!

From 2016 to 2018 I was the lead front-end developer and WordPress specialist for Fisheye Media, based in Shrewsbury. Fisheye specialises in building and supporting large scale e-commerce websites on the Magento Enterprise platform, giving me experience working with Blue Chip clients including the likes of O2 and Savile Row.

In July 2018 I joined Human Made as a WordPress Engineer and Frontend Developer building large scale, enterprise-level WordPress websites. So far I’ve worked on projects as diverse as Red Bull, yell.com and Encompass Health. It is amazing! 🙂

Proof I completed the Spitfire 10k at Cosford Air Field

Outside of work, I believe in having a balanced life. I am reasonably fit and active and run the occasional 10k race. I spend time with friends and family, enjoy going to the cinema, music gigs and comedy.

I like eating out and occasionally attempt to cook food just as nice at home. I have two very fluffy rabbits, three less fluffy cats and a slight obsession with Stormtroopers. All of which is well documented on Instagram! 🙂


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