Specificity and why its !important

I don’t often share internal training notes, but this is one I’m especially proud of. Mostly because I found a way to tie in Lego Star Wars 🙂

The Scenario

Each Friday the office all have bacon butties, which is an incredibly nice gesture, during that time we often do some internal training across all departments. This has covered topics like git flow, looking at different IDE’s and more.

Often, it is required for members of the back end development team to write a little bit of CSS. This can be very handy, however, more and more of the code coming to me for review selected IDs to style, or worse using !important to make sure their styles applied.

Therefore, to try to stop that, I created a small presentation I delivered over bacon butty time explaining how specificity works. And managed to tie it into a game based around Star Wars* too! YAY!

This is the presentation:

* Note: The Star Wars Specificity Game is not my creation. I originally found it here: https://stuffandnonsense.co.uk/archives/css_specificity_wars.html

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