A Web Community

Yesterday I was witness to something very special indeed…

I went to UpFront Conf in Manchester, and while it was utterly awesome in its own right, there was one very specific highlight that surpasses anything I’ve ever seen at a conference before. And that was Eric Meyer’s video address to the conference at the end of the day.

Eric sent an extremely moving video to Upfront. He talked about the loss of his daughter Rebecca and how the web industry showed their support by adopting the colour purple on social media, and even some websites changing their colour scheme for a day.

This resulted in the proposal to get the named colour ‘rebeccapurple’ added to the CSS specification and was approved by the CSS WG in June 2014.

Eric’s message to Upfront about this was:

“We are not a web industry we are a web community”


This is such an important message and encapsulates everything I love about working in this industry.

It is why I go to conferences, it is why I go to meetups, it is why I have organised conferences, it is why I still organise meetups. It is all about supporting and growing this amazing community.

It doesn’t matter what framework you use or what CMS system, whether you’re a full stack developer or digital marketer, it doesn’t matter. Our community makes it possible for us to learn together, push each other to do better work, support each other in good and bad times and create a better web for the generations to follow.

It is a phenomenal thing to be a part of and not something I believe other industries have the opportunity to experience to the same degree.

Well done us 🙂


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