HeroThemes Tutorial: Restricting Access to WordPress Pages & Creating a Members Area

This article for HeroThemes is again a continuation of the previous two “HeroThemes Tutorial: Using the KnowledgeBase templating system & theme integration” and “HeroThemes Tutorial: Integrating Heroic Knowledge Base with WooCommerce“. This time adding more value by creating private content as well. Something that is especially useful if you want to provide premium content only available to those people that have purchased certain products.

This article covers:

  • The difference between password protected and private pages (and where the two solutions fall short)
  • A 2-min hack to create a simple Members Area on your WordPress site (without using a plugin)
  • Getting your knowledge base articles to show up in your Members Area (this section is for you if you use the KnowAll theme or Heroic Knowledge Base solution)
  • Some free plugins that will help you control access to your site’s pages, posts, and other content

The end result of the article is creating a members area that can include content from the Knowledge Base plugin.

I hope you find it useful! 🙂

The full post can be read here: HeroThemes Tutorial: Restricting Access to WordPress Pages & Creating a Members Area

The code for the tutorials can be found on Github here.


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