HeroThemes Tutorial: Integrating Heroic Knowledge Base with WooCommerce

Introducing my next article for HeroThemes. This article has taken what was covered in the first article and moved forward to take a look at how the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin could be integrated with WooCommerce to create Frequently Asked Questions for each product. Something that’s always useful! šŸ™‚

Although the subject is about integrating the KnowledgeBase plugin the focus of the article is on how to integrate content into WooCommerce and therefore could be used in lots of different scenarios. Techniques covered include

  • Using Advanced Custom Fields to select content to display on product pages
  • Looking at the WooCommerce templating system,
  • How to add the selectedĀ content to templates,
  • Adding the selected content using and hooks and filtersĀ instead.

final-faqs-672x532The end result of the article is creating a new tab on each product page that includes your custom content.

This article is quite in depth, and covers a lot of information and therefore assumes a good knowledge of WordPress, theme development and especially knowledge hooks and filters.

I hope you find it useful! šŸ™‚

The full post can be read here: Integrating the Heroic KnowledgeBase Plugin with WooCommerce

The code for the tutorials can be found on Github here.


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