Regular Sponsor of WordPress Birmingham Meetup

WordPress Meetup in full swing

WordPress Meetup in full swing with Johnny Allbut giving a talk

As many of you know, I’m a huge supporter of grass roots events, especially within the web and tech industries. Not only do I attend regularly, but I’ve also organised a fair few conferences and meetups in Shropshire over the years myself (see ShropGeek for more about whats going on in Shropshire).

So I’m really very excited to announce that as of December 2015 I am a regular sponsor of the WordPress Birmingham Monthly Meetup!

These meetups are casual evening events, usually run on the second Wednesday of each month. The format is relaxed with 1 – 2 speakers and the opportunity to network afterwards. The talks cover a wide range of topics, some tech orientated and some not, making them perfect for anyone who has an interest in WordPress. No matter whether you are a business owner, blogger, designer or developer there is always something to learn.

Why am I sponsoring?

Part of what I like about working with WordPress is the huge community that has evolved around it and thats partly because of events like these. But without regular sponsorship these events could not happen. I have learnt so much from meetups and WordCamps over the years (and still continue to do so) and also met so many really [awesome]awesome[/awesome] people, I decided it was time to give something back.

If you would like to find out more about these meetups or come along to the next one, (they are free to attend) check out their page on or tweet them at @WPBhamUK.


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