WordPress London – July Meetup

As always, it was a fantastic evening with over 100 people attending and included some [awesome]awesome[/awesome] talks from Jonathan Harris and Rian Rietveld.

Jonathan did a great review of the recent WordCamp held in Bournemouth including explaining how people can get involved. As you all know, I’m very vocal about the benefits of getting involved with grass roots and local events so I especially appreciated this.

Rian did a wonderful talk about accessibility within the Genesis framework. It was fantastic to hear about how she took things into her own hands and created a plugin that fixed many of the accessibility issues the Genesis framework suffered from, how popular it became, and how the Genesis team took notice and worked with her to improve the core framework. Just goes to show… one person really can change the world! ~ grin!

The talk I gave was a variation on the talk prepared for A Responsive Day Out the previous month. It was interesting to deliver it again, especially to such a different audience. It went down well though and I even remembered to tell people to sit down again 🙂

If you missed it, you can catch my talk here:

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