Shropgeek Rebellion #6 Featuring… ME! (and other more awesome people)

I rarely step up to actually speak at Shropgeek events, simply because there are always so many awesome people I could ask, why should I fill a spot?

But, I’m also always trying to encourage people to use these events as a “safe space”, perfect for anyone new to public speaking or wanting a practice run of their talk in front of a friendly audience.

So, with A Responsive Day Out only a month after, I thought it was time I put my money where my mouth is and do a practice run of the talk I’m preparing for that. This will be the first run through so likely to be very rough around the edges but I would really appreciate feedback on it.

As well as me, there will also be the VERY [awesome]awesome[/awesome] Ashley Nolan and Tim Millwood providing 30 minute talks and Shropgeek Regulars, Pete White and Rob May doing 5 minute lightning talks. It is set to be a most excellent evening!

Full details can be found on the Shropgeek website. Hopefully see you all there! 🙂

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