The (R)Evolution is coming…

For the last three years, around this time I have written, “I’m excited to announce …” and this year is no exception. Yet this year is different in a big way. As I hinted at above, (R)Evolution has evolved.

We’ve stepped things up a gear. The conference is now a full day, features some of the most well respected speakers in the web industry from all over the world, held at a purpose built venue in Shrewsbury, including fringe events before and after the conference, and over 200 attendees. Making Shrewsbury *the* place to be this September if you work within the web industry.

So, I’m sure you can understand that when I say I’m *super* excited to announce this years conference, I mean I am *SUPER* excited about it!

We have launched the new website today, where you can find full details about the conference, plus all of the fringe events and our sponsorship opportunities:

Early bird tickets will be going on general sale on Thursday, April 25th at 10am.

A huge thank you must go to Martin Wright for designing this years website. Also thank you to Stina Jones for the amazing illustration of Shrewsbury and Neil Kinnish for the map on the location page.

So who’s coming? It’s going to be [awesome]awesome[/awesome] ~ grin!

Shropgeek Revolution 2013

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