Awesome issue of .Net Magazine for Kirsty Burgoine Ltd. and Shropgeek

Most people that know me or have read some of the guest blogs I have written in the past know that I’m a huge advocate of grass roots events.

So I was extremely flattered to see that Heart Internet had mentioned me in their article about that very subject (pg 135) as someone heavily involved in grass roots events both speaking and promoting / organising them. Not only did they name drop me though, they also mentioned both Shropgeek and our yearly (R)Evolution conference.

martin-netI’d like to say a huge thank you to Heart Internet for including both myself and Shropgeek so heavily in their article. It means a tremendous amount to know that the hard work and effort that goes into organising and promoting these events is recognised and helps us to spread the word further!

Heart Internet were not the only ones to mention the (R)Evolution conference though, Martin Wright, a Shropgeek regular once upon a time (before he got a cool job in Oxford) and designer of this years conference website (launching very soon) was included in this months website “design off” (pg 117). When asked what he does with his spare time he told everyone about the new website in progress! Thanks Martin!

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