Guest Blog for Heart Internet: The Importance of Grass Roots Conferences

I had spent the first year and a half of my business life focusing on networking locally and getting my name out there, now I wanted to take a step back from that and instead attend as many conferences as I could. And I did. In total I attended 10 conferences, and many smaller group meetings for the tech and IT orientated industries. How did I do this?

As many of you know, I am one of the organisers of The Theory of (R)Evolution web conference held here, in Shrewsbury, each September. So thats one I’m guaranteed to attend, but also, I avoided a lot of the more expensive conferences and instead attended and supported the smaller “grass roots” events.

After attending so many awesome events and the huge success of (R)Evolution this year (you can see photos and the conversation from Twitter on the night at the website: I started to think about how important “grass roots” conferences really are to our industry. What I had learned and all the fantastic, hugely talented people I have gotten to know this year because I had attended.

This inspired my guest blog for Heart Internet:

I won’t go into detail (you can read the article for that), but I really wanted to explain how important I think conferences are to the web community, how the sharing of knowledge and the opportunity to learn from our peers makes us better at our profession. And that the “grass roots” conferences gives all of us that opportunity and not just those people that can afford the expensive tickets. Therefore making the industry as a whole better.

If you have attended any conferences this year, you can’t fail to have noticed that Heart Internet have sponsored many of them (including the (R)Evolution event). They are really keen to support these events and so it seemed the obvious choice for them to publish my article. They did, and the response was fantastic!

This is a subject I really believe in and so it was fantastic to be able to write the article and to share it with the web community.

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