Shropshire gets its first web event

Visit Shropgeek (R)Evolution websiteOn 24th September 2010 Shropshire finally gets its first web event … The Theory of (R)Evolution. Courtesy of Shropgeek!

Held at The Boathouse, and hosted by Shropgeek, the event showcases some of the most forward thinking ideas on the web today.

The evening will consist of three talks by experts within their specialist fields. Dan Catt, a web developer for The Guardian,Creative Boom’s very own Katy Cowan and Zach Beauvais, a platform evangelist for Talis.

So why a web event?

The web industry is one of the few areas that continues to grow despite the recession. However, web events and seminars are becoming less affordable each year. As the amount of people working online continues to increase, one area of the country seems to remain largely forgotten.

Shropshire has a thriving web industry, so Shropgeek decided to give something back!

About the Revolution!

The history of the internet is one of evolution in technology and revolution in daily life. All three of the speakers have helped change the way we think about the internet and its role in our lives.

Dan Catt – will discuss how the Guardian is evolving with it’s Open Platform, APIs, digital journalism and good old pragmatic programming.

Katy Cowan – will talk about how Creative Boom was born and how its success has helped struggling artists and freelancers and in turn helped her own business thrive.

Zach Beauvais – will discuss Linked Data and the Semantic Web and how it’s gone from a notional possibility to a useful technology being employed in the wild.

So, have a pint and join us for some of the fittest ideas in true Darwinian spirit in the birthplace of evolutionary thought, Shrewsbury.

Doors open at 6pm.

Early bird tickets are on sale now for £10 and can be purchased through Eventbrite here:

If you would like to find out more about the event you can visit the official website To find out more about what goes on at regular shropgeek meet ups follow us on twitter @shropgeek

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